Mokume Landscape Pendant

This married metal landscape pendant is created with sterling silver, copper and silver and copper mokume gane. The mokume hillside adds movement with the patterned layers of copper and nickel silver. The Mokume used in this piece is forged by Stephen Walker in our Andover Artist's studio. Each pendant is unique and will vary as they are all one of a kind. This pendant comes with an 18" sterling silver cable chain. If you would prefer a different chain please email for pricing and availability or check out our chain options 

Chain Options 

The process of pattern welding nonferrous metals was originally developed in Japan and is traditionally known as Mukume-Gane: wood grain metal. Stephen Walker has researched, published, and utilized this technique since 1980.

For the best look minimal care is recommended. Copper will naturally grow darker and contrast with the other metals. Occasionally polishing with a jewelers cloth, or silver polish will brighten the copper patina. "International Silver Polish" is recommended for brightening the silver and brass while leaving oxidation on the copper. For an overall bright finish and more subtle contrast use "Wright's Copper Cream." Avoid the use of jewelry cleaners containing ammonia on this or any jewelry containing brass.

Because the different metals go all the way through the piece the pattern cannot be polished off. The patina will change with polishing and natural oxidation will eventually return.

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