Celtic Goddess Pendant and Earring Set with Citrine

The Celtic Goddess collection features the four most traditional gemstones used in historic Celtic Jewelry- Amethyst, Citrine, Rock Crystal/ Quartz & Garnet. Throughout history gemstones have acquired meanings and are often worn as a symbol of these attributes. 

This set is Citrine and comes with an 18" Sterling Silver Cable chain.

Citrine is a deep yellow/ orange gemstone often symbolizing happiness, luck and fulfillment. Citrine has deep Celtic roots as it can be found in the Cairngorm Mountain Range in Scotland.

Amethyst is a deep purple gemstone often symbolizing peace, love and protection and can be worn as a symbol of royalty.

Rock Crystal/ Quartz is a clear gemstone often symbolizing focus & clarity.

Garnet is a deep red gemstone often symbolizing devotion, trust and honesty.

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Item Number- SW3550-pendant and earring set

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