Charlie & Millie



The official greeting committee of Walker's Celtic Jewelry, Charlie and Millie are technically  golden-doodles (golden retriever and standard poodle mix), though Steve will let everyone know they're also "Pennsylvania Jerk-hounds" any time they get into trouble.  They spend most weekdays 9-5 at the shop with their humans and their human co-workers, though you might catch them napping on the job from time to time. Their favorite part of the workday is visiting with dog-loving customers (especially the ones who bring them biscuits!) and they also have a knack for entertaining children while their parents shop.    Charlie is an outgoing and slightly clumsy gentle giant, his favorite tricks are rolling his tennis ball under the gate behind the counter to entice customers to play with him, and hopping up into our office chairs (sometimes while we're still using them -- he doesn't mind sharing).  Millie is a shy, sweet girl who always seems to know when one of her coworkers could use some extra snuggles, and she is quick to steal a kiss on the cheek if you let her!

2020 Update:  Unfortunately this year we lost our beloved Millie quite suddenly.  She was a good dog and we all miss her, most especially Charlie.