Celtic Open Trinity Knot Bracelet in Gold or Silver

The Celtic Open Trinity Knot bracelet has 11 or 12 links, and is available in Sterling Silver as well as 14K Yellow, Rose, and White gold.

The triquetra or trinity knot is one of the oldest and most cherished Celtic symbols. Traditional Celtic lore tends to look for threes everywhere. The trinity of man and woman joined by God makes the triquetra a wedding knot. The trinity of a father, mother, and child makes the triquetra and expression of family. The symbolism of Celtic style knotwork and interlace can be said to represent the repeated crossings of the physical and spiritual paths of our lives.

11 link approximate length: Can be adjusted from 6 1/2" ro 7 1/2"
12 link approximate length: Can be adjusted from 7" to 8"

Item number: SW3380 - SW4380

Original designs © Stephen Walker
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