August 28, 2015

In our experience one of things our customers value the most is that we are a hands-on jewelry shop.  Because we design the jewelry, do our own gold and silver lost-wax casting, fabricating, stone-setting and finishing all right in our workshop in Andover, NY, we can adapt our Celtic designs to incorporate our customers’ ideas and suit their needs.  


Work directly with the jewelers who’ll bring your ideas to life

Steve at his bench. Lyndsay B. setting gemstones

 Abram melting gold for lost-wax casting. 

Often our hometown customers stop in to the shop or browse our past designs online to get started with the process.  They may bring in their own jewelry to have special gemstones remounted or heirloom gold to be reused in casting their new design.   They also bring their ideas, and we listen – what designs speak to them, suit their style, and will be easy to wear?  They’ll meet directly with the designer/craftsman who’s style best echoes their own, and who’ll see their project through from beginning to end. 

In celebration of their 40th anniversary, a local couple asked us to adapt one of our Celtic Josephine’s knot ring designs to include the gemstones from her ring, but be made of the gold from his wedding band.  They even came in to watch the lost wax casting too!  This video will give you an idea of how it works:   


But what if you don’t live nearby?

Not local? Not a problem. 

We’ve created unique and beautiful jewelry for folks all around the globe.   Unfortunately we don’t get to meet those clients face-to-face, but we can still communicate by phone or email to create your perfect engagement ring, beautiful heirloom pendant, or another piece of jewelry you might be dreaming up.  You’ll talk with a designer and craftsman just as though you were here in person, discussing different styles, gemstones, settings, and colors of gold.  When necessary we’ll create a sketch to make sure we’re on the same page before we begin.   Here are a few custom pieces we’ve designed and crafted for our not so local customers.



Ready to get started?

Browse our standard and custom designs, and take note of which patterns and gemstones appeal most to you.  Jot down the design numbers of the pieces you like best, and feel free to request other personal touches. 

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