How To Find Her Ring Size (without ruining the surprise)

October 08, 2015

How To Find Her Ring Size (without ruining the surprise)

It's an age old question: How do I find my girlfriend's ring size without ruining a surprise engagement?

There are many tricks and tips out there for how to do this, but many simply won't cut it when you need to be as exact as you can! Don't go sticking rings in soap, trying on her rings to see where they 'fit you,' or tying a string around her finger. We have three methods that we, as jewelers, recommend that will give you the best results (and a perfect fit)! 

1. The Paper Trick

- This trick works if there is a ring that your girlfriend wears already on her ring finger (left hand), or we can usually get within a half size if you measure a ring she wears on her right hand ring finger.

- Simply print out this page and cut the cone out in heavy card stock. You will insert the cone into the ring and measure where the ring hits at the widest part of the paper, make a mark right where the ring hits. You can then send that piece of paper to us and we will be able to tell from your mark her ring size! 


2. Borrow a Ring

- Another great option is to borrow a ring from her, although beware, if it is one she wears everyday you might get yourself into some hot water if she finds it missing! If this can easily be done, bring the ring right to us and it can be sized in a matter of minutes, although make sure to notice what finger she wears it on!

3. Friends and Family

- As a last resort you can always find out more information from friends and family. They may have bought her rings in the past and can help you get close to the ring size you will need. As always, they may have bought her rings for different fingers. Even if they do have sizes of other fingers, write them down, the more information we have the better! 


Example of the varying sizes on a woman's hand, please note everyone will be different!

Things to remember when buying the engagement ring:

- Not all rings can be sized easily: many of our custom rings can only be sized up or down a size or two, so it's important to be as close as you can when finding out her ring size. 

- Not all fingers are the same size, in fact, they vary quite a lot and there tends to be around a half size difference between a dominant and non-dominant hand. 

So what can I do if I can't figure out her size and want a custom ring or one that can't be easily sized? Give us a call or e-mail us! We have many staff members and craftsmen you can talk to to find out what your best option will be for getting your perfect engagement ring. 1-800-488-6347 or


*PDF Print out for our Paper Sizing Trick*
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