Celebrate September with Walker Metalsmiths Simulated Sapphire Birthstone Celtic Jewelry

September 25, 2020

Celebrate September with Walker Metalsmiths Simulated Sapphire Birthstone Celtic Jewelry

September brings us cooler weather, shorter days, and autumn festivities, but it also ushers in the sapphire as a birthstone. Here at Walker Metalsmiths, we create a wide variety of hand-crafted Celtic jewelry with synthetic birthstones for every month of the year. Our simulated sapphire Celtic birthstone pieces dazzle, and are a wonderful fit for that special September birthday in your life.

A regal history

Sapphires are a stone with a long history of meaning, specifically surrounding regality, and many nations and people held this bright blue gem in high regard. Experts on the history of the stone say that in ancient Greece and Rome, the upper-crust of society believed blue sapphires could protect their owners. During the Middle Ages, these bright gem

hand crafted celtic birthstone rings

s were worn as a symbol of heaven. In some cultures, sapphires were even more central to the belief systems. In ancient Persia, for example, the belief was that the earth leaned against a giant sapphire, which caused the sky to be blue.

Birthstones in general are believed to have originated from biblical times.The lore is that Aaron wore a breastplate with the twelve birthstones on it, which at the time, signified the 12 tribes of Israel. Although in modern times, there is little connection between birthstones and biblical stories. In the early 1900s, an organization called the National Association of Jewelers officially adopted a list of birthstones, marking the first time these stones gained formal association with birthdays.

Sapphires Today

Today, natural sapphires are mainly sourced from three places in the world: Kashmir, Myanmar (formerly Burma) and Sri Lanka. Other significant sources of sapphire have also been found in Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Madagascar, and even Montana.

Sapphire usually means the blue variety of the gemstone found in the corundum family. If the dazzle of a sapphire seems familiar, it’s because the red variety of the stone is also well known: the ruby. Sapphires can also come in a variety of colors, including pink, purple, green, and even black.


The name “sapphire” has Greek origins, and comes from the word “sappheiros,” meaning “precious stone” or “gem.”

Walker Metalsmiths Celtic Pieces

September Celtic birthstones

The family of jewelers behind Walker Metalsmiths has been studying Celtic jewelry for decades, and have used our deep understanding of Celtic symbols and traditions to inspire our modern works. We have a wide selection of pieces featuring simulated sapphire birthstones, including our hand-crafted Celtic cross, necklaces, rings, and more. If you’re looking for a Celtic necklace with simulated sapphires, we have plenty to choose from featuring this dazzling stone.

We also are proud to use our craft to help you create the custom piece of your dreams. If you have an idea for a Celtic piece, whether it be a necklace, ring, Celtic cross, or something else, we are more than happy to work with you to craft that piece.

While you can view our wide selection online, you also have the option to make an appointment to come in, for an in-person showing. Our team of hand-crafted Celtic jewelry experts will help guide you through our pieces, and help you make a selection that brings you and your loved ones joy for years to come.


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