Congratulations Graduates!

June 05, 2017

Congratulations Graduates!

As Steve and Sue prepare to celebrate their youngest child's high school graduation, we thought we'd look back at some of the special gifts Steve created for his children plus a few staff favorites to give you some graduation gift ideas for your own family and friends.  

Celtic Crosses  

A few of Walkers Celtic Jewelry's finely crafted Celtic Crosses in silver and gold.

The Walker's sons Willie and Stephen both chose Celtic crosses for their graduation gifts. While Stephen's is still in the works (Steve has a few weeks left to iron out the details!), Willie wears a two-tone silver and gold version of the Abbey Cross that Steve made for his high school graduation.  A Celtic cross serves as a beautiful reminder to keep your faith and family close to heart wherever your adventures lead you.

Willie and his custom Abbey Cross

Trinity Knots

Trinity knot jewelry in gold and silver

Steve & Sue gave their daughter Maggie a triquetra bar necklace -- and her college friends admired it so much she gave matching silver necklaces to a few of her closest friends and sorority sisters for their college graduation!  

 Maggie and her sorority sisters in their matching necklaces    Triquetra bar necklaces in gold and silver

The triquetra or trinity knot is one of the oldest and most cherished Celtic symbols. Traditional Celtic lore tends to look for threes everywhere. The trinity of man and woman joined by God makes the triquetra a wedding knot. The trinity of a father, mother, and child makes the triquetra and expression of family. The triquetra may also represent three ages of women (child, mother and grandmother) and the special bond between the three generations.  For Maggie and her friends it represent the sisterhood between dear friends -- the friends that are like family!

Celtic Rings

Celtic Rings in sterling silver and gold

Andrew and Donald both chose Celtic rings for their graduation gifts.  The repeated crossings and continuous strands of knotwork in a Celtic ring can represent the weaving of the physical and spiritual paths and the eternal continuum of life, love and faith.  It's an especially appropriate memento for celebrating that step towards higher education and a new career path.  

Steve & Sue with their son Donald at his college graduation

Staff Picks

Compass PendantAbram, a jeweler at Walker's Celtic Jewelry, designed this sterling silver Celtic Compass Pendant. He thinks it would be an appropriate graduation gift for women or men.  A compass is symbolic of seeking out new adventures and finding your own path.  This pendant is usually set with amethyst or garnet, but if you have a different stone in mind for an adventurous grad -- give us a call and a little extra working time, and we can most likely customize this pendant for you!  

Birthstone RingJeweler Lyndsay B. thought this Celtic Birthstone Ring would make an excellent choice for a graduation gift.  Because it was designed as a birthstone ring, there are lots of gemstone choices available -- most likely one that matches your school colors!  Usually there is just enough space on the inside of the ring behind the knotwork to engrave a student's initials and graduation year.

Ornate Cross RingChris in sales & service is a big fan of the detail in the Ornate Celtic Cross Ring that Steve recently designed.  Chris thought it would be perfect in place of a "class ring" because it has that traditional signet ring shape, but combines the symbolism of the Celtic cross and continuous Celtic knotwork.  Like the last ring on our list, there is just enough space on the inside to personalize this with a name and graduation year. 

Josephine's knot pendantJeweler Lindsey T. suggested this Josephine's Knot pendant in either gold or silver for ladies who like small simple jewelry. While the Josephine's knot is usually called the "lover's knot" because two strands intertwine to form the knot pattern, it's also a beautiful symbol of the unbreakable bond between a parent and child. What better way to remind your child of your unconditional love, even as they leave "the nest?

Shamrock heart pendant

Susette from sales & customer service loves heart shaped jewelry and rose gold, so she couldn't help but add this pendant to the list!  A piece of shamrock jewelry could be the perfect way to wish your graduate "good luck" on their next chapter in life, as shamrocks are often considered lucky just like 4 leaf clovers. We have earrings, pendants, and men's shamrock accessories, so there is probably an option to suit the graduate in your life.



Whatever you choose -- know that we created it to last a lifetime, and hope that it brings you as much joy to wear it as we experienced creating it for you!  
What are your thoughts?  Are there any pieces we've missed?  Did you receive a special piece of jewelry for a graduation gift, and if so do you still wear it today?  

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