Mother's Day Traditions

May 07, 2018

Mother's Day Traditions

Mother's Day is not a traditional Celtic holiday as you may have guessed.  However, many Celtic traditions and holidays do celebrate the importance of women and mothers. From St. Brigid's Feast Day or Imbolc welcoming Spring and celebrating the fertility and strength of women, to the well recognized trinity knot that is sometimes used to represent three ages of women, Maiden, Mother, Crone (and also to represent Mother, Father, Child among other interpretations) there are a many examples of a Mother's place in Celtic tradition.

Modern Mother's Day in America began in the early 1900's through the efforts of one woman, Anna Jarvis, in honor of her mother's passing.  Jarvis suggested that Mother's Day be celebrated by writing heartfelt letters of gratitude home to your mother.  She felt that each family should celebrate Mother's Day singularly, focusing on their Mother, rather than all mothers. As with most things the original intent of the holiday has been changed to include mothers, grandmothers, and motherly figures in our lives.    

Stephen Walker and his Mom, at just 6 days old. 

Cards, Flowers, heartfelt gifts, and meals that Mom doesn't have to cook are how many families celebrate Mother's Day. The Walker family has long celebrated by coming together for a picnic at a local state park. Grandma Barb, Susan (now Grandma too!), and Jeanne gather together their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren to spend a day together enjoying nature's blessings.

While it's become harder to get all 6 of Susan's children and 5 grandchildren together at one time, every child is sure to call or send a bouquet of sunflowers for her.  Stephen always has a new piece for each mother, or updates their mother's pendant's with that year's new additions. This year the grandmother's needed 2 new garnets, and a sapphire.

Sue Walker and Barbara Walker's Mother's Pendants before this years additions.

Walker's debuted several new Mother's pieces this year including the Mother's Bird Necklace, Starlight Birthstone Pendant, and the Birthstone stacking rings.  We know a few mother's will be enjoying those come Mother's Day Sunday. Other's will be getting their mother's pendants updated with their new gemstones.  We celebrate each new addition and love to see our Family Tree Pendant's come back for new birthstones.

This years new Mother's Day jewelry. 

The children, and father's (it seems dad's do a lot of the shopping in young families) sharing stories about their moms or mother of their children is a heartwarming experience. We feel honored to share in these special times with you. So whether you're a mother yourself, celebrating the mother in your life or a mother lost we hope your Mother's Day is full of love and tradition.

We'd also like to thank the Mother's in our Walker's Celtic Jewelry family Susette, Crystal, and Jeanne.  Susette is always quick with a story about her two sons, and 3 grandchildren.  She mothers the whole lot of us with coffee each morning and kind words of encouragement. We will certainly miss her when she retires to spend more time with the grandkids in June.  Crystal has her hands full with a teenager AND triplets yet she comes in every day and get's down to business helping out wherever she's needed. Jeanne took over her mom Sue's job last year.  While Grandma is at home with her twins, Jeanne makes sure everyone has what they need to get things done.  Thank you ladies for sharing your gifts with us each day.

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