The Celtic Origins of St Patrick’s Day Are Symbolized Through Jewelry

March 11, 2020

The Celtic Origins of St Patrick’s Day Are Symbolized Through Jewelry

St. Patrick’s Day celebrates the life and works of one of the most beloved of Celtic saints, St. Patrick of Ireland. Over the years, the Walker Metalsmiths’ artisans have designed hand-crafted beautiful jewelry that symbolizes the Celtic origins of St. Patrick’s Day and the saint’s role in Ireland’s conversion to Christianity.

Legends of St. Patrick

There are many legends about St. Patrick, a Christian priest who is widely considered the man who converted Ireland to Christianity. While we may never know which stories are legends and which are based in fact, it is essential to understand that for many people, the meaning behind the stories are more important than the exact origin of the stories. To honor St. Patrick’s legacy, millions of people wear Celtic pendants or the Celtic cross as symbols of their devotion.

The Legend of the Shamrock

Many of the stories about St. Patrick revolve around his use of Druid and Pagan symbols then popular in Ireland to illustrate Christianity. One of the most popular is the story of St. Patrick’s use of the shamrock to represent the holy trinity. Today, the shamrock is beloved by devotees of St. Patrick as well as those who love their Irish heritage. The Walker Metalsmith’s hand-crafted Irish Shamrock Earrings are a unique gift for a loved one for St. Patrick's Day, reminding them of the Celtic origins of St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

Celtic Crosses

There are numerous stories of St. Patrick’s use of Celtic imagery to illustrate the concepts of Christianity to his flock in Ireland. According to Celtic legend, St. Patrick used the sign of the cross to bless and concentrate a carved circle that represented the moon goddess, thereby creating the first Celtic cross. Did this actually happen? Our Master craftsman Stephen Walker covers this topic and more in his published article, Celtic Cross History and Symbolism 

No one knows for sure, but the legend has made the Celtic cross, including ourhandcrafted celtic cross St. Patrick’s Celtic Cross, one of the most treasured signs of Christian belief today. There are many different versions of the Celtic cross available as Celtic pendants, all bearing some symbolism that ties back to Irish heritage and the legends of St. Patrick. 

Some of the original meaning and symbolism may be lost in the mists of time. Today they are a reflection of our love of Celtic heritage and faith. The circle around the cross-posts of the cross on a Celtic necklace can symbolize eternity, the endless love of God for his people or a halo. All of these interpretations have validity and are beautiful representations of faith.

The intricate knotwork on Celtic crosses can also represent eternity. For some, the knotwork symbolizes the interconnectedness of life and our ties to both heaven and earth.

Celtic Necklaces for St. Patrick’s Day

handcrafted St Patricks Celtic CrossOne way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year is by giving someone special a Celtic necklace that captures both the beauty of faith and the richness of Irish heritage. Our custom designed Claddagh Celtic Cross Pendant combines the symbolism of interlocking knotwork with the Claddagh symbols of heart, hands, and crown for love, friendship, and loyalty.

A central circle representing eternity, as well as everlasting love, completes this beautiful Celtic necklace. At Walker Metalsmiths, we strive to continually create new interpretations of ancient Celtic motifs. This St. Patrick’s Day browse our collection of beautiful Celtic pendants and crosses to find the perfect reflection of your Irish heritage.

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