Introducing: the Mother's knot!

April 28, 2017 1 Comment

Introducing:  the Mother's knot!


The "mother's knot" tattoo we modeled the custom pendant after.

Since the introduction and success of Steve Walker's "Father's knot" a few years ago, we've known we needed to design a "Mother's knot" as well.  This design started with a request to model a pendant after a customer's "Celtic motherhood knot" tattoo a year or two ago.  That custom piece  pleased our client, but the thin lines and very open spacing are not well suited for jewelry.  Besides that; while it's a very popular tattoo design, it's not an original of ours so we didn't feel comfortable offering it to the public.


Fast forward to March 2017 and the Lindsays (that's Lyndsay B. & Lindsey T. - we've got two!) were discussing things we *really, really* need to design this year.  The Mother's Knot topped the list.  So Lyndsay B. got to work on a few sketches that included  the Trinity knot shape of the popular tattoo with two of the design elements Steve had included in the father's knot: the heart and Infinity knot.

The third one is the winner!

Preliminary sketches for our new Mother's knot jewelry.

In the end we decided most moms have way too much heart jewelry, and that we really felt the third sketch was the most balanced and pleasing to the eye.

Jeweler Lyndsay B. pierces out the master earring model from sterling silver sheet.


In our final Mother's knot design we included:

  • The abstracted form of a child safe in her Mother's arms. 
  • Trinity knot or triquetra which is a traditional religious symbol of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, but is sometimes seen to represent three ages of women (child, mother and grandmother) and the special bond between the three generations. 
  • And lastly, an infinity knot passes through the form of the mother and child to represent the never ending and unconditional love a mother has for her children.
Unpolished rough castings from our first batch of Mother's Knot pendants and earrings.


We have them ready just in time to celebrate all our Moms and Grandmas do for us this Mother's Day!

PS!  check out our Facebook page next week for your chance to win one for mom!

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Anisa Raney
Anisa Raney

May 05, 2017

Is there a ring in the mother’s knot? If not are there plans for one and when??

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