Do you do special order or custom work

by Sue Walker November 28, 2014

Do we do custom work? That depends on what you mean. If we make one of our regular designs in a size that fits you that is not custom work. We will make any of our designs in a variety of different karats or colors of gold, silver or platinum. We will substitute special stones. We will also modify pins to make them pendants and similar metamorphosis of purpose.

We also have some frame pieces that lend themselves to customizing.  I can change the arrangement of elements within a piece or make them in different colors of gold.  These pieces were design to be custom pieces.

For rings see: Rings

For pendants and earrings see: Pendants and Earrings

We often do remounts using customer's stones, when the size of the stone is suitable for our existing designs. Please read our honesty statement before you call about remounts.

Feel free to ask if you are looking for something not seen here. We are very familiar with what is out there.

What we do not do is make special projects from scratch to customer’s drawings, copy our competitors’ designs or design one-of-a-kind pieces for one-of-a-kind situations. Basically if your project would involve a new original carving it is the kind of custom work we generally decline. The most frequently declined custom requests are something like, "I want that ring but a different width." We are constantly adding to our range of designs but each new carving is a major project and we are not prepared to do this on an as requested basis. When I am asked: "If I show you a picture of something can you make it?" often is asking me to steal someone else’s design. I have two problems with this. If the designer is living it is probably a copyright design that would be unethical and illegal for me to copy, but also I am a designer in my own right and what precious time I spend carving new models I intend to spend on my own designs

There are custom jewelers who want your business. If you like my work better I am flattered but must humbly decline custom orders.

Please do not send me photos of another craftsman's work and ask me to copy it. I respect other designers' copyrights and expect them to respect mine.

Sue Walker
Sue Walker


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