Can you make a custom piece for me?

September 21, 2020

The artists and craftsmen at Walker Metalsmiths truly enjoy bringing your jewelry dreams into reality. We've created custom designs for over 30 years for both our local customers and people all over the world.  All of our designs are created by Walker Metalsmiths artists that both design and craft your custom project. 

Getting Started

The first step in starting a custom project is to contact our design consultants via email, phone, or setting up an appointment in our Andover, NY showroom.  During this conversation we'll discuss the piece you're hoping to create, your budget, and your time frame. Things to think about:

  • Material:  Walker's works primarily in Sterling Silver and 14K Yellow, Rose, and White Gold. We also work in combinations of these materials.  We do not work in stainless steel, pewter, tungsten, titanium or other alternative metals.
  • Gemstones: Are you wanting to set your heirloom stones in a new piece?  We're happy to help with that but, we may need photos of the stones or to see them in person before we know if they're appropriate for certain designs. Did you buy a stone elsewhere and you're looking for a custom setting?  Walkers can do that too, but again we may need some details about the stones before moving forward. If you have a stone in mind that you need us to find we're happy to find it for you, just let us know size, color, and any other specifics you're looking for.
  • Dimensions:  When it comes to pendants and earrings sometimes comparing the size you're looking for to a coin can be helpful.  You could also measure existing pieces you own that you like the overall size of.  For rings and bracelets we will need the ring size or wrist diameter of the finger or wrist it will be worn on.  Don't know your ring size?  We'd be happy to send you a ring sizer or size you in the store just give us a call.  If this is a surprise gift for someone you can check out our blog on how to find a ring size.
  • Inspiration:  Do you have a scrapbook of ideas? We'd be happy to take a look. Even if it's just a sketch on a napkin, a picture from a magazine, or a Pinterest board we'd love to see what got you thinking about your custom piece. If one of our existing designs is what caught your eye you can just reference the item number.
It's OK if you haven't gotten all the details pinned down before reaching out.  These are just some of the things your design consultant might ask you about.  Even if you just have the start of an idea we're happy to help you pin down the details.   


Custom Quote

Once your Walkers design consultant has a good understanding of the custom piece you're wanting created we will provide you with a written price quote.  Sometimes this quote is very specific and sometimes it will be a range of pricing that is dependent on some pending detail. Occasionally the price will be a certain amount "plus stone" meaning that we know the cost of the item, but we're still deciding on the stone.

Custom quotes are valid for 30 days. 

*Custom Quotes are priced before tax.  Sales Tax is collected in New York State per current sales tax guidelines. 

Designing your vision

Before we can start any custom design there are a few details Walkers designers will need to confirm beyond the overall vision.

  • Gemstones: If we're creating the piece around your heirloom gems or other gems you're providing we will request that you bring them in or ship them to us (with tracking and appropriate insurance). If we are finding a stone for you then we will need the shape and size that you're wanting.  Often the center stone is an integral part of the overall design so having the dimensions of the stones to be used is essential.
  • Sizing:  If this is a ring we need a ring size .  If this is a surprise then we request your best estimation as some rings cannot be sized up or down easily.

Once you've decided to have Walker's create a custom piece for you and you're satisfied with the custom price quote we do require a $250-$500 non-refundable design deposit based on the scope of the project.  This design deposit pays for the artists time to consult with you and create a sketch or digital rendering of the design as well as any revisions. While we do provide as many revisions as is reasonable to be sure you're happy with your new piece do keep in mind that each revision can take 1-2 weeks to achieve depending on complexity. If you have a deadline in mind revisions can push out the timeline of your project. 

If at some point you'd like to start over with an entirely different concept after a design has been created and revised then an additional design deposit may be required. This is different than a revision in that the design is not being modified, but changed entirely.  Your design fees are always subtracted from your overall custom quote at time of purchase.

If at any point you decide that you'd prefer not to move forward with creating the custom project after the design has been created the design fee is not refundable, but no further charges for the total custom quote are owed.  We will keep your design on file if you'd like to proceed with it at a later date. 

* All custom designs and copyrights are owned by Walker Metalsmiths, Inc. and are subject to all applicable copyright laws unless explicitly stated in writing otherwise.  

Making your Custom Piece

Now that you've seen a model, sketch, or digital image of your custom design you're ready to have it made!  Once the design has been agreed on our sales staff will reach out to you to pay a 50% deposit minus your design deposit towards your project. Once paid we begin work on your custom piece.  The crafting and finishing process usually take 2-3 weeks.

Once your item is completed we'll send an invoice for the remaining balance and confirm shipping information.  Custom projects are always shipped with signature confirmation for added security. 

Walker Metalsmiths does reserve the right to hold orders for payment to clear or to confirm billing or shipping information.

As with all of our rings we do offer a free resizing on custom rings within 90 days of receiving your ring. We're always happy to adjust chain lengths and other sizing needs. 

 * Custom work is not returnable or exchangeable. We work to ensure your complete satisfaction with our work throughout the design process. If at any point you feel a change needs to be made please let us know. 


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